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Kat Johnson:


Click here to see Kat's archaeology and rock art related You Tube videos, with her original Native American flute sound tracks.


Kat assists her husband, Boma Johnson, archaeologist with his Community Education classes for DSC on Archaeology and rock art. Here's a description of their January 2013 class:



Native American Rock Art  Symbols  Part II: The Stories


Presented By

Boma Johnson, Archaeologist


Community Education Department

DAY: Monday DATES:  Jan 28 to March 18, 2013

Time: 6:00 to 8:00 PM

Place: SUN RIVER COMMUNITY CENTER  (Fast & Easy To Reach From St George- Take Exit 2 From I-15)

COST: $44 per person (Cost set by DSC)

PHONE: 435-652-7675   Easiest way to register is by phone.


Join us for further explorations of the world of Native American Rock Art, with emphasis this time on specific rules and tips for correct interpretation of these fascinating symbols and how the Ancient Native Americans used them as written communication for specific purposes. You will learn how to put together your knowledge of symbols with the background of Native American culture, for better understanding of how the Ancient Ones lived and thought. Laugh at the "10 Dumbest Things You've Ever Heard About Rock Art"! We will cover the function of myth in society as proposed by Joseph Campbell, and discuss how this relates to Native American stories.


The class will be presented with a wide variety of BRAND NEW media formats, from PowerPoint lectures, to videos and DVDs. Group discussions and questions are encouraged- our classes are FUN as well as informative. Our previous classes are NOT a prerequisite- you do not have to have taken Symbols Part I to understand what is going on. If you have taken one of our classes before- don’t worry- you won’t be bored!


For more info, go to: http://petroglyph.info




Kat Johnson: