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Flute Information

Information about the Native American Flute can be found at the following locations:  - an evolving encyclopedia and on-line book dedicated to the Native American flute. It provides information and resources for the Native American flute in particular, but also on aspects of flute music and world flutes in general. - The many branches of the Native American Flute can be explored using

Native American Style Flute Makers:

The Zion Flute Circle membership includes a number of Native American style flute makers. We encourage you to consider them when purchasing your flute.

Native Echos Flutes – the maker, Marty Lisonbee is one of the original founders of the Zion Flute Circle and has been instrumental in advancing the playing of the Native American flute in the St. George area. He creates Native American style flutes for both the beginner and the advanced player.

Red Rock Flutes - the maker, Tom Biddulph, makes both tradition style Native American flutes as well as rim blown "Anasazi" style flutes.

Native American Flutes by Dale Pettit - the maker is Dale Pettit who makes Native American style flutes. Dale's contact information is [email protected].

Bob Rhees is a member who we call the "flute doctor", because he has the talent to take a flute and modify it to bring out its true voice. His contact information is [email protected].

The members of the Zion Flute Circle also play flutes from the following makers:

Woodland Voices - Colyn Peterson

Mountain Flutes - Dennis Lombard

Shades of Rez - Tim Blueflint

Mad Max Flutes – Max Skabelund

A comprehensive listing of Native American Flute makers and stores can be found at


The Zion Canyon Native Flute School is held each year in Springdale Utah, brings the leading instructions from across the country for a intense five day workshop design for all level of player, beginner to advanced

Instruction is also given through the Dixie State College Continuing Education Program (Marty Lisonbee) and through DSC's β€œICL” program (Chris Oravec).

Individual Instruction:

Cal Pettit offers individual Native American Flute instruction. Contact [email protected] to set up an appointment


David Jorgensen - songwriter and guitarist will record your songs and accompany you if you request . 435-272-2633 or [email protected] 

Flute Information: